The Voice Newsletter- March 2017

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Meet the Wingfield voice lead team 

Hello, I am Leona Dyrmishi and I am the secretary of the year 10 student council. As secretary, my role is to take notes during meetings and to inform fellow council members of meetings. I am also in charge of the Wingfield ‘Voice’ newsletter that we will publish monthly. The newsletter includes items from our agenda as well as input from the rest of the Academy. If you would like to put forth your ideas, please talk to a form representative or myself.    


My name is Megan Berg and I am the chair for year 10 student council. My role includes chairing meetings and closely working with Mr Picton to organise and make sure plans are carried out. I also have an input towards our agenda and make sure everything runs smoothly. As well as this, I am an active member of the Wingfield ‘Voice’, and I work alongside Leona as a second opinion and to make sure the newsletter is approved by me and the rest of the council and staff like Mr Picton and Mr Davies.


I’m Raegan Beckett and I am the vice chair of the year 10 student council. My role in the council is supporting the chair and if she is not present, I will act in her place. Along with Megan, I supported Leona with the creation of the Wingfield ‘Voice’. 


Wingfield Academy Voice - First Ediiton


We are pleased to introuduce the first edition of the Voice Newsletter. This newsletter has been created by members of the Y10 student council to bring you the latest news and decisions from council meetings. 


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If you have any enquiries or suggestions regarding Student Council , talk to your form representative or any other members of the council and it will be brought up at the next meeting